Who We Are and Our Strategy

Huma Longevity Group of companies www.humanet.io , is the first of its kind, trusted, secured, user centered, permissioned, across-borders consortium blockchain platform for medical & health data exchange between: Identified users, accredited providers, certified partners, recognized insurers and selected bioscience and R&D partners.We are operating internationally, in several languages and currencies. Our powerful e-health passport and digital wallet “ehealthpass.com”, hold all needed health and medical information and documents required for travel and medical emergency situations. The passport QR ID “, grants our international travellers, a worldwide access to our network of accredited providers, as well to a wide range of discounted services from our approved insurers, travel, hospitality and financial partners. Huma virtual platform, based on Web3 principals, unites seamlessly the physical and virtual health and medical services exchange, empowering our health passport holders and club members to be in real time control of their owned, life-long health and medical data, anywhere in the world. As an international permanent governance and management of the Huma community partnership ecosystem, we are basing our golden standards on human rights, the UN, EU, US and international laws. We are using ICD 10 diagnostic system from WHO, we are in compliance with, EU’s GDRP; USA HIPAA standards and HL7FHIR for the C-Suite standards, enhanced by the best international quality certifications. All our international providers and partners in the network are with controlled and approved credentialling. All of them are holding quality management certification and professional insurance.

Our corporate values are excellence in services, honesty, transparency, courtesy, confidentiality and respect to our customers, employees and all international travelers. These values define the way we do business, and inspire us to create a successful environment, by building solid worldwide relationship between our users, providers and business partners.Our quality policy is to continuously develop the ultimate best IT & Medical services, to our users and to the globally traveling industries, striving for further improvement to ensure that we remain the leader in the industry. Huma Longevity Group head office, is in the United Arab Emirates and with Representation in Switzerland, Canada and China.

"The best way to predict your future is to create it" - Abraham Lincoln

Based on MDG’ decades of expertise, and the vision of its founder Dr. SAEME, Huma Longevity Group, is a combination of international luxury health and medical services combined to the latest development in IT technologies. Our virtual platform of medical record and telemedicine system, enhanced with our e-health passport and an international network of health and medical providers, allows the exchange and of health and medical information in real time anywhere in the world. We are extending our market from the cruise industry to serve both the land based health resorts and to serve all travelers (either for leisure or for business, Diplomats, Medical Tourists, as well as to expatriates, overseas-workers) and employees of international global industries in need for international healthcare services, insurance, all managed as a combined product. At Huma Longevity Group, we believe in building trust and confidence in an international health delivery ecosystem, solving the issues of health information transfer, removal of language and translation barriers, securing the quality of health services, reducing the cost and easing the co-payment with insurance providers. Our aim is to empower individuals to take control of their health and medical data first, by acquiring our international personal e-health pass, that will allow them after, to decide the outcome of their own health and medical needs, by having the liberty of international choice between the accredited providers and our selected actors in the delivery system of health, medical, insurance, travel, hospitality and payment services.