Why HumaNet?

HumaNet is the first of its kind, decentralized international online, secured and trusted ecosystem. Where our identified international users are in the center of the digital exchange of data, related to preventive Health, Wellness, Medical and dental services, delivered by a network of accredited providers, preferred insurers /payors and selected partners. The dedicated exchanges between the networks are identified by nature. The user’s owned medical, dental and health data is subject to the best data anonymization and encryptions as by the international standards including GDRP; HIPAA and the best quality management requirement. Our health & medical data is aimed both for clinical use and for R&D.

Who are our users:

  • Independent Individual users, are the international travelers’ community: (Business travelers, Expatriates, international workers, Health- Wellness and Medical tourists)
  • Our corporate Individual users, are sponsored employees of Multinational companies with international activities (Airlines, Shipping lines, Energy Industry, Mining Industry, transport and logistics Industry)

  • Who are our Providers:

  • Health, Wellness & Medical International providers (Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, Dentists, Specialists, Therapists, Pharmacies, Imaging Institutions, Laboratories, Telemedicine providers, Instrument providers, SPA’s, Hotels, Ambulances, Transport companies, third parties, etc...)

  • Who are our Partners:

  • Insurance companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Transport & Hospitality companies
  • Governments and NGOs