Our Name & Logo

Our longevity group and its six subsidiary services bare the name “Huma” that represent, the bird eye view of the world and its powers of connection to ability of healing.

“The Huma”: is a Symbol of Holistic Medicine in the Middle Eastern Culture, History and Mythology”, An extraordinary bird, with supernatural characteristics. He is a symbol of miraculous life, enabling treatments, revival and rebirth; it was believed that those who obtained the feather of this bird could reach the greatest secrets of the universe and achieve immortality. This fantastic creature was imagined to be a huge bird of prey, it is said to have both the male and female natures in one body (Chinese Fengcheng), each nature having one wing and one leg. Huma is considered to be compassionate, and a 'bird of fortune' There are numerous folk interpretations of the name, among them that of the Sufi teacher Inayat Khan, who supposed that "in the word “Huma”, “hu” represents spirit, and the word ma originates from the Arabic 'Maʼa' ماء which means water. The Huma bird symbolizes unreachable highness in Turkish folk literature and in Ottoman poetry, the creature is often referred to as a 'bird of paradise'.

www.humanet.io While Huma is our name , we have added the prefix “Net” that represents our network of services under the same name and “io” represent the input and output of encrypted and anonymized digital health information exchange between our identified users, accredited providers and recognized business partners, involved in our international health and medical ecosystem.