About Us

    Huma Longevity Group, is the newest subsidiary unit of Magic Discovery Group Ltd. (MDG), a holding company with 36-year track record in international operations of Medical, Health and Wellness services, to the global health, medical and hospitality industries, in land, at sea.

  • Huma Longevity Group, is an integrated group of 6 complementary under-subsidiaries including:
  • Huma e Health, a platform and a portal for health and medical records,
  • Huma e Health Pass a health and medical passport gathering all health, medical dental and travel information that allow our users and club members the access to providers worldwide and in different languages.
  • Huma Telehealth a telemedicine platform allowing our users to enjoy online medical, dental and health services from our international network of providers anytime and around the globe,
  • Huma Resorts, are dedicated and specialized hospitality preventive health clinics for rejuvenation and longevity with medical evaluations, executive health, beauty medicine, beauty dentistry, sport medicine, health education and life style improvement.
  • Huma Club, Huma rejuvenation club “HRC” is an international club of members with interest in longevity and quality of life, focusing on good health, aesthetics, life style, fitness, sport and education.
  • Huma Shop, an on-site in our resorts and an online platform for retail of our health and beauty product specially selected to the profil and needs of our club members and our users.

    In the last 3+ decades, we have been internationally recognized as experts in the field of Health and Medical tourism, with an excellent reputation in serving the world's most renowned ultra-luxury brands, in the medical, wellness, cruise shipping, travel and hospitality industries.

    By serving the cruise and travel industries in the last 36 years, MDG had experienced how poorly served are the global traveling populations, by the national health systems around the world. All countries are exclusively focused on meeting their own citizen’s medical need, and only when in their own country. In fact, the world is experiencing an increasing unsatisfaction with national health delivery systems, and the increasing out of the pocket cost for medications, health, medical and dental services. For these mentioned reasons we are noticing an explosion in demand for international affordable quality health and medical services, that assures a brilliant future to international health, medical and dental tourism industry.